5 Most hated Canadian companies

Ask any Canadian which companies they hate the most, and they are probably still a customer of them. Not because Canadians are polite and overly nice, but because they have no (or very little) choice.   When I ask the question, this is the list I get with pretty much NO variation!

  1. Air Canada.  Considered t*rrorists of the sky by most passengers.  I couldn’t imagine what has made their employees so unhappy that they take it out on travellers pretty much without exception.  Add on their predatory behavior towards WestJet & Porter our only other real choices, and fees to talk to a human being and you start to get the picture of how much Canadians hate this airline.
  2. Bell.  <disclosure> I have dear family employed by Bell </disclosure> but I also packed up all my stuff and left a “Dear Bell” note on the mantle a few years ago, after receiving the worst customer service I could imagine.  Until I went to…
  3. Rogers.  From the dysfunctional blue to the evil red? 11 months to fix a simple billing mistake, out of date PVR software, price gouging, …
    Highest phone rates in the western world (I know, I know it’s not just Rogers).  Now losing their GSM network advantage. Oh, I’ll stop now.
  4. “My bank” CIBC seems to win the most vitriol (hint: don’t use a red logo if you want to be loved), and TD often escapes with a shrug “eh, what can you do – it’s a bank.”
  5. This one varies a bit – sometimes TTC from Torontonians, sometimes Chapters/Indigo from independent bookstore fans.

Denunciations with “belly” gut reactions against Bell seem universal. And it is the only non-red logo-ed company to win a regular spot on the “most hated” list.  So in conclusion, if you’re starting a Canadian company, go blue.

Who do you hate the most?

11 responses to “5 Most hated Canadian companies

  1. Its funny, if you were to make an equivalent list for those of us over here on the Left Coast, the local telco, Telus, would fit very nicely into the spot for Bell. Contrast this with Shaw, our main cable provider: they are a pleasure to deal with, having good phone & online support staffed by (mostly) polite and flexible service agents. I think the two companies are on par when it comes to technology, and I am unaware of any differences in terms of management, but boy what a difference good service makes.

  2. You are bang on here.
    One one change. I actually think TD is worse than CIBC.

  3. Simon Ashbourne

    Sad how much of one’s life is touched/impacted by the “big 4” most hated companies -if you added a grocery chain on the list ,as many would, an enormous % of one’s daily transactions and interactions would be with companies we hate. Thank God for Timmies!

    Between 750-1000 dollars to travel between Vancouver to either Toronto/Montreal in December. Is this insane or what?
    Is somebody even doing anything about this?
    We will soon become the most disconnected country in the world. I dont think there exists any other country on this planet where it costs this much to travel between its major cities. :-(

  5. Even though they are small a company who doesn’t rank with those listed above I can’t believe they do business. A small company for realtors called Redman out of Alberta if I remember right. As a member of their target market words couldn’t express my disappointment in the service and products themselves. No one seemed to care either, at all.

  6. Superior Propane is the worst company I have to deal with at the moment (everything about this company sucks), then Bell

  7. Bell Canada wins this one hands down for trying to monopolize the internet with its UBB scheme. Now that we have seen their true colours everyone should cancel all Bell services so we can get rid of this company once and for all.

    On a side note I think the ‘407 Toll Highway’ deserves to be on this list.

  8. Shaw better than telus…………….come on do you live in the west or are you a rep. for shaw, never been so mistreated in my life by shaw & they have a monopoly here stopping competitive pricing despite years of ignored complaints, service shutdowns due to their own errors, no reimbursement for the mistakes, if you get on their bad side by mentioning your dissatisfaction say good bye to your service. changed billing without notification, Am I pissed yes I am, had a billing mistake on their end tried to
    make them aware of it, took almost 6 months & repeated phone calls & cutoffs, to get to a regional supervisor who said & I quote “We will not be looking into this matter, too many months have passed, & the records have been deleted & you are not a shaw customer, so we no longer have any obligations to you, & we consider this matter closed.” So to this date I have a bill with them & until it is paid I am without their service, never had it resolved since.

  9. In responese: yes I do live on the Left Coast. Shaw historically has been much better to deal with than telus over here, but that has changed a lot recently with their growth. I have reduced my business with them, in part because telephone waiting time for customer service has ballooned from 4 hours! Who is going to wait on a phone line for 4 hours to talk?

  10. Air Canada – you are #1++ on my list – Your employees are extremely rude-
    probably the worst company in the world when it comes to customer relations/services- If you need help in the service area , get some tips from ANZ , Japan AL and Singapore AL- Best in the world
    Also our Government Services would be rated close to Air Canada – Guess who owns it?

  11. Definitely Air Canada. Beyond crappy service, hyper inflated prices at peak times (i.e. the times when I actually have time off from work) in cities like Fredericton where no other airline operates. Gross.

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